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Healing Art


Holistic and shamanic path

In the shamanic vision when we speak of "healing" in fact we always mean "self-healing": both illness and healing, as a matter of fact, take place in the individual and from the individual.


The Holistic Operator (also called facilitator of the health and the integrated evolution) is a figure recognized by the hospitals. He is not a therapist, he does not have the task to make diagnosis, he cannot cure physical or mental illnesses, he does not prescribe medicines or remedies and he does not place himself in conflict either with official medicine or with the law. On the contrary, he collaborates with the medical profession, supporting and integrating it, in order to promote the global well-being of the person.

The Holistic Operator is the one who in the “healthy part” of the person, with the aim of finding the psychophysical harmony. To do this he uses natural, energetic, artistic, cultural and spiritual techniques. Through this work he stimulates a natural process of transformation and growth of self-awareness.

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School of Shamanic Alchemy, Lugano, Switzerland


Thanks to the naturopath Bob Weick I discovered the training of Sandro Saudino (the School of shamanic Alchemy in Lugano), in Switzerland, which I finished in 2003. Sandro's training is connected to the ancient knowledge of different cultures, especially that of Native Americans . The spirit of the school is free and based on personal experimentation.


More recently, in 2010, I achieved the title of Professional Holistic Operator at SIAF, the Florence Academy of Holistic Arts. This training is also recognized by hospitals, both in Italy and in the Canton of Ticino.


What I propose is a path to take together with the person. I do not sell therapies nor do I promise healing. In fact, true healing is only activated when the person engages with his own energy.


The therapist stimulates the person to reconcile himself with the divine energy.


The illness is an opportunity for growth and great evolution.


Every crystal has its own energetic field and the capacity to make a contact with every other living being. The crystals work in the human body on the physical-emotional-mental and spiritual plan, bringing equilibrium and harmony.

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Very ancient practice used in the ancient world as in China and Egypt. The cup is nothing more than a glass jar with a diameter of about 5 cm which is applied on the skin in certain precise points. Through a pressure suction the skin is sucked inside the jar, which remains in position for a time ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. It removes toxines, pains and moisture from the body.

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Sound massage - drum, music box

and tibetan bells

The Ocean Drum is a drum capable of reproducing the sound of the sea. Different speeds produce different sound effects. The sound massage also uses high-end acoustic instruments such as Tibetan bells to stimulate the body to psychophysical balance and global harmony thanks to the vibrations of the sound.

Chakras balance

Chakra "the one who resides within everything" is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle of light. There are many chakras, 7 are the main ones that act as nodal points for the connection of body, spirit and soul. They are distributed starting from the base of the spine up to the top of the head. Keeping them in balance is fundamental for the psychophysical well-being of each individual.

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Dance of the moon

An ancient and ancestral ritual, which sees its origins in Mexico. Chandra-nâtya the "dance of the moon" was created to awaken the power and dignity of women and to heal the health of every woman, present and future. It makes us partakers of the immense creative force, which is expressed through the fluidity of movement and the inner rhythm. A force that is connected to the perpetual movement and that resonates with everything.

Moon dancer

Reiki traitement

Reiki level 3

Reiki is the universal energy that permeates everything, synonymous with vital energy, which is channeled and transmitted through the hands and placed at the service of ourselves, for other living beings, for places and situations.


Reiki brings back psycho-physical well-being, activating deep healing processes.

Reiki has no contraindications and can also be combined with any type of treatment, allopathic, natural or energetic, favoring its processes.


The second level also allows to intervene in the time of life, in events that have happened in the past or will happen in the future, dissolving energy blocks, re-harmonizing the flow and leading to a state of peace.


I am available to put this inexhaustible source of Love at your service, both in presence and distant.


Second and third level achieved with Sabrina Cerfoglio.

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