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Samah Gayed

Her original country, Egypt, is the land of one of the oldest dances in the world: the egyptian dance.


In time Samah has gained a great experience both in teaching and in the preparation of choreographies.

Her shows, of which she is the author and the director, are enriched with sets and dialogues, as she learned in the theater school.  

Carrying out the egyptian dance with love and passion, Samah experienced the fusion between mind and body: dissolving the body means dissolving the mental patterns and learning new movements corresponds to new ways of thinking.


All this is reflected in her teaching method. The intent of the egyptian dance is to use movement to create harmony with all parts of the body.


Samah is an internationally qualified professional teacher, choreographer, dancer and a Professional Holistic Operator.

Gabriella Bosiso

Egyptian dance and egyptian folklore teacher of the dancing school.

Since she was a child, she has attended various dancing courses, experimenting different styles.

In 2003 she discovered the egyptian dance and decided to become a professional teacher. She has learned from various internationally known teachers, both Italian and Egyptian.

From 2008 she began teaching and took part in multiple entertainment experiences.

From 2011 she started the collaboration with Samah Gayed, founder and president of the dancing school OneDance.


Samir Elturky

Samir is a young egyptian boy who lives and works as a percussionist, both in Europe and Egypt.

He is specialized in arabic percussion instruments and began his career in Cairo by performing with various groups.

In 2008 he founded the AraBand: “We play both classical and modern arabic music, which implies variation in the instruments and in the formation of the group".


Among the instruments that Samir plays there are darbuka, tabla, duff, bendir, doholla, djambè, riq and electronic percussions.


The sense of music for Samir is the one that trasmits his favourite singer, the egyptian Mohamed Mounir (known as "the king"), who plays and sings in a group composed of german, turkish, french and arabs people. A mixture of cultures that allows a continuous communication of sounds and ideas.


The love for the music and the percussions began in the primary school: "I chose the place where to sit from the sound of the bench".

After some time Samir felt the need to study music, in order to know its rhythms.

Through time Samir has spread the knowledge of his art: "In order to teach How to play percussions, it is fundamental to explain what rhythm is. We start from the measure, we tell the story of the melody, and, eventually, we play".

Masters: Master Said El, Master Artist Ahmed Misirli, Master Khamis Henkesh.


Today in Europe Samir is realizing two goals: being an ambassador of his art and creating meetings and artistic amalgamations.

Music and Samir travel the world through Egypt, Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland. Future projects indicate that they won't stop.

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