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Samah collaborates with Radio Gwendalyn

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Samah collaborates with Radio Gwendalyn the free radio of Chiasso since 2014.

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We list the link to the episodes of 2019. The previous episodes are also available on the radio website.

January episode:

February episode:

March episode:

April episode:

May episode:

June episode:

For the third season, Mazyka returns with a different flavor. There will always be a guest telling his personal story, through the music of his country of origin. An intercultural experience that touches the intimate sphere, thanks to the openness of the heart and the will to share the human aspect that sets us apart.

October episode

November episode

Link to an episode of "Mazyka" from 2016, dedicated to sacred songs:

Link to the episode realized in collaboration with Samir Elturky, Egyptian percussionist, whose listening is strongly recommended to dance students, in order to deepen the ability to recognize the different musical rhythms:

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Radio Gwen is not only concerned with music but takes some important causes to heart.

Here there are some links to short interviews performed at the Human Rights Film Festival by Samah:

Waste of our well-being:  


Work and Capitalism:


Identity construction:


RTSI - 03.05.2019: The intercultural radio

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A multicultural radio in the city - Radio Chiara

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Samah collaborates with Radio ChiaRa

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From 2019 Radio ChiaRa is the new Gwen radio branch. It is a multilingual and intercultural radio in Bellinzona, at the Baobab foundation. It was inaugurated on Sunday 17 March 2019.

Here is the link (on the image) of the article appeared on the Region March 15, 2019:

Un radio multiculturale in citta_1.jpg

This is the first episode of Radio ChiaRa, in which we present ourselves and follow a musical journey in arabic by Samah:

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