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Samah Gayed

Festival of egyptian dance in Milan, Italy


"Dancing is my ife. My motto is"dancing the life" with all its choreographies. 

The important thing is to stay tuned with the rythm...

especially the rythm of the heart. "

Dance and music have been part of Samah Gayed's life since when she was still in her mother's womb.

After the experience in Brazil of 2001 she decided to change her life. Seeing how dancing gave joy and healing to brazilian girls and women gave her the incentive to teach the egyptian dance also in Europe.

In 2004 she founded the dancing school Isis Osiris and in 2010 she founded the Association OneDance of Pregassona, with the aim of helping women and children in Egypt. Samah believes in the power of dance.

Samah is specialized in egyptian folklore. She teaches it faithfully, in order to keep this egyptian tradition alive. 

During the years Samah has developed a great experience both in teaching and in the preparation of choreographies. Her shows, of which she is the author and the director, are enriched with sets and dialogues, as she has learnt in the theater school.

Samah carries out her activity with love and passion. She experienced the unity between mind and body:
"Dissolving the body means dissolving mental patterns and learning new movements corresponds to new ways of thinking".

All this is reflected in her teaching method. The intent of the egyptian dance is to use the movement to create harmony between all the parts of the body. 

In her continuous research Samah experimented the inner journey, which led her to have a holistic view of the reality. She developed the desire to create a dance that represented all humanity: the OneDance.

diploma-Samah Gayed-CID.jpg

Samah Gayed's Teachers

Mr. Mahmoud Reda

He is the one who codified egyptian folklore. He formed entire generations.
Teacher, dancer, actor and choreographer.
(Cairo, Summer 2005)



Mrs. Farida Fahmy


She was the first dancer in the group of Master Mahmoud Reda.

Teacher, dancer, actress and choreographer.
(Cairo, Winter 2007)


Mr. Farouk Mostafa

Pupil and right hand of Master Mahmoud Reda.
Teacher, dancer, actor and choreographer.
(Cairo, Summer 2005)

Mrs. Nevein Ramez

Student of Master Mahmoud Reda.
Teacher, dancer and choreographer.
(Cairo, Winter 2007)

Mohamed Kazafy

Student of Master Mahmoud Reda and Master Farida Fahmy.

Teacher, dancer and choreographer.
(Cairo, Summer 2005)


Samah Gayed is a member of the CID (International Dance Council)

and has participated in the 37th World Dance Congress

in Athens in July 2014

How Samah Gayed lives, sees and teaches the egyptian dance.

The egyptian dance, if experienced in the correct manner, can act on different levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and energetic. 

The egyptian dance gives the opportunity of gaining a greater awareness, more responsibility for our actions and the correct and happy fulfillment of our  destiny.

The wonder and beauty of this dance brings the main attention to the female uterus, place where the following things live: Creativity, Intuition, Hospitality, Introspection, Unconditional Love, Grace, Femininity, Solidarity, Patience, Cyclicity.

Earth has its rhythm. Egyptian dance has the power to make us discover our own rythm, synchronizing it with the one of the Earth. Egyptian dance can allow us to live magically in the divine flow where nothing happens by chance and where the miracle of life happens by itself.

Samah Gayed

Samah Gayed

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