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OneDance Association

Our Mission

OneDance is a charity association, independent and recognized by the Swiss authority. It was born in 2010 from the will of Samah Gayed with the aim of supporting education in its homeland, Egypt.

The valuable contributions that we are able to draw from our activities and from our associates, allow us to support numerous people, bringing funding to orphanages both in the lower and upper Egypt.

We cooperated at the realization of small medical and surgical interventions, in addition to providing a concrete contribution to families in difficulty.


Our projects

Between 2013 and 2015 OneDance gave more than 400 young farmers in Southern Egypt the opportunity to continue their studies, financing their school fees. We also financed two tailors in Alexandria.

The training of children begins with the competence of the teachers. For this reason, since 2016 OneDance is financing the salary of 4 qualified teachers in a nursery of 60 children, providing daily meals and medical care. Support is also extended to families living in difficult conditions.

In 2017 OneDance helped to renew the classrooms, supplied didactic material and helped to set up a kitchen. Children receive two healthy and complete meals (breakfast and lunch) and are supervised by the teachers. The nursery offers transport with a bus given in donation, which also serves to organize the didactical trips. Actually there are 3 classes of children from 3 to 6 years old.

Participate in this humanitarian mission!!


Children from other villages have already been enrolled in the nursery and other 40 children are on the waiting list.

We are confident at building together social peace, coexistence and communication between people.


Never forget that the children of today will be the adults of tomorrow.

"The study of love and its use will lead us to the spring from which it springs: The Child.
This is the path that man will have to travel in his troubles and travails, if he, as he aspires, wants to reach salvation and the union of humanity. "

From the book "The mind of the child" by Maria Montessori.

How can you contribute?

enfants ONG Egypte2.jpeg

In addition, a theater and an area dedicated to the creative development of young people were set up. In this way children are allowed to increase their natural talents and joyfully perform activities such as dancing, singing, acting and playing music.

Our goal is to go on with this project, extending the funding to a primary school for the same children of the nursery, who will be allowed to continue their studies.

OneDance Association wants to promote peace among children, both Christian and Muslim, and to let them grow together in school.

You can contribute to our projects in the following ways:

  • with a free donation to the postal account 65-262523-8 IBAN CH 23 0900 0000 6526 2523 8;

  • becoming a member of the Association, with a membership fee of CHF 30.-/year;

  • participating in our shows or in our artistic and socio-cultural initiatives. OneDance organizes events, thematic dinners and participates in markets, exhibitions and events.

Every single franc is a great contribution to us!


For every donation we receive, we send a certificate to attach to the tax declaration.


Samah Gayed


"What we do is just a drop in the ocean. But if there wasn't that drop the ocean would miss it"

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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